How to Get to the Region and Pshav-Khevsureti Protected Area

50 km along the road leading from Tbilisi northward to Stepantsminda, near the village Chinta, there is a turn to the right, from which a dirt road runs along the Zhinvali reservoir. The road passes the village of Shuapokho and the Chargali junction, and the village of Magharoskari (the administrative center of Pshavi) to take you to Barisakho. The Pshav-Khevsureti Protected Area begins at the village of Ortskali, wherefrom to the right, along the Pshavis Aragvi, the road runs to Ukana Pshavi. To the north, it passes through the Khevsur villages – Barisakho, Korsha, Gudani, Biso, and others until the road goes up along a scenic area and goes through Datvisjvari Pass (2676 m a.s.l.), which leads to Shatili. On the way, the Lebaiskiri and Kistni towers are observable. At Datvisjavari Pass you might see tourists admiring the boundless landscapes of Khevsureti.

• Tbilisi-Mtskheta–Chinti–Magharoskari–Shatili– 150 km; can be covered in 4-5 hrs; includes 70 km of dirt mountain road.
• Tbilisi–Tianeti–Magharoskari–Barisakho–Shatili – 170 km; 100 km footpath; includes 120 km of dirt mountain road.
Footpaths and horse paths are available from Tusheti and Khevi.
The motor road leading to Magharoskari and Barisakho operates year round, whereas the Barisakho-Shatili section is closed from the second half of autumn to spring due to the large amount of snow the section receives over the winter. Inner rural roads have been built and operate everywhere (except Arkhoti), including in the Shatili-Mutso communities, although in Pirikita Khevsureti, vehicular transportation is only possible for 5 months of the year.

Public transport
A minibus takes passengers to Shatili three times a week (from the village of Gamarjveba to Shatili and from Didube bus station (Tbilisi) to Shatili).
A bus takes passengers to Shuapkho from the Didube bus station 3 days a week.
A bus travels to Barisakho 4 times in a week and travels on a daily basis to Magharoskari and Chargali.
Minibuses to Barisakho depart from the Didube bus station.